29 December 2014

Model Sheets (@modelsheets)

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Model sheets, sometimes called character sets or “settei”, are drawings of characters in various views that are distributed to teams who work on the same animations, comics, or other art or illustration projects for which consistency in the rendering of the character must be maintained between several different artists. Model Sheets (@modelsheets) is a Twitter […]

20 December 2014

05 December 2014

04 December 2014


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5 Steps to a Magazine Feature of You and Your Art

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The November 2014 / January 2015 edition of Professional Artist magazine features an article by me titled “Think Before You Leap: Beware of People Who Tell You to Follow Your Passion.”

The editor suggested photos of artists at work to accompany the article and I knew exactly who to contact: ceramic artist Patricia Griffin.

Patricia Griffin in her studio. Photo by Debbie Markham.

Patricia is a member of my Art Biz Incubator and I receive her newsletter.

Months ago she sent an email with gorgeous photos of her in the studio. I complimented her on the images and she told me that she had hired a professional photographer to take photos of her in the studio. It showed.

Patricia’s photos were so engaging that they stood out among the hundreds of emails I see from artists. I remembered

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02 December 2014

Arabian Nights Out-takes

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Arabian Nights Out-takes

Here are a few more sketches that I’m preparing for the “Fisherman and the Demon” story. I wanted to catch some “out-take” moments for the characters, and experiment with loosening up my inking work. The final inks need to feel like a different hand than the full illustrations that are going to be in the […]

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The King gets it… finally. #pencil #sketch #character...

Loosening up my #inking on this ghoulish #character #sketch...

01 December 2014

Blech!! #sketch #pencil #illustration #bookart #monday (at 17th...


I’ve been penciling in some smaller moments for the Arabian Nights project I’ve been working on. This guy has just tasted some medicine…

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Blech!! #pencil #illustration #bookart #monday

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