21 December 2016

Holiday Cheer with Elves & More

Summary: Volunteer work with a bike charity in Ohio, and the gift of a new logo illustration.

via Studio Bowes Art Blog at http://ift.tt/2h2X5mO

01 December 2016

sword-wielding-fallen-angel:Oh, ya know, just a Jenny Parks out...

via Jenny Parks Illustration http://ift.tt/2fVPx7S


Oh, ya know, just a Jenny Parks out in the wild looking at her own art work at Hot Topic, as one would do @jennyparks

Also, this is a thing that happened.

One of the rare appearances of my face. And, of course, finally going to Hot Topic to look at my shirts there. Working with We Love Fine has been pretty neat, but seeing my work in such a big store… Whoooo. I can tell you, it’s a weird experience. Not in a bad way, but in a “is this even real?” sort of way.

And before anyone says anything, yes, this was all legal and I do get a cut from sales! It’s all good. :D

Thanks to my super awesome friend @sword-wielding-fallen-angel for the pics! ;)