17 December 2012

Experimental Sketchbook Post

“Yes. I still draw with a pencil.”

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“You still draw with a PENCIL?!”

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12 December 2012

Getting the hang of this ink. #sketch (at Studio Bowes Art)

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11 December 2012

Messing around with some Speedball Acrylic Inks. #sketch (at...

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Cake for Breakfast. #sketch (at Studio Bowes Art)

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09 December 2012

“Oh hello Edgar, imagine seeing you here.” #sketch ...

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07 December 2012

Bug-eyed and funky The results of a quick 20 minute watercolor...

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06 December 2012

Bug-eyed and weird Prep drawing for a watercolor demo.

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30 November 2012

Ink wash #sketch

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Ink wash #sketch

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Ink wash #sketch

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Trying out som new techniques #sketch

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Creepy warm-up #sketch

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An inky warm-up #sketch

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14 November 2012

TV time is sketching time. #sketch

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09 November 2012

What’s he building in there? What the hell is he building...

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3 Old Man Heads Character Sketches

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29 October 2012

“Mummies tomb”; local values Setting up a local...

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“Mummies tomb”; value study 2 Working on values, and...

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28 October 2012

Mummy’s Tomb Pencil Study

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26 October 2012

Study of trees in the park. Way gnarly sprawling tree trunks in...

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25 October 2012


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Camera Roll-407

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Camera Roll-407

22 October 2012

Begin Using Color Choices To Strengthen Your Paintings

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19 October 2012

Farmer Scott Pipe in hand, conducting barnyard animals!

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13 October 2012

The leaves crunched ever so loudly.

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Who’s that creeping along out there? #sketch

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04 October 2012

Color #Sketch

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Color #Sketch (Taken with Instagram)

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30 September 2012

10 July 2012

1 Goal: 1 Painting, 1 Week; Icabod’s Ride Home

Summary: In a rush to submit work for an upcoming SCBWI conference, I share my process of painting Icabod Crane, which was developed over the course of a week.

I’ve been developing my own adaptation for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in preparation for the upcoming SCBWI LA conference in August. There will be an workshop for Illustrator/Writers called a “First Look.” This my fledgling foray out onto the winds of storytelling, although those who know me, will know that I do love telling some pretty windy tales!

Read more on my website: StudioBowesArt.com

22 February 2012

The Shadow Over My Drawingboard

"I cannot claim to remember the dreams that plagued my feverish mind, I can only say that I had the vaguest memories of men with bulbous eyes that seemed to smell of fish. When I did finally awake, I did so with a bolt hysterical laughter."
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01 January 2012

Somnabulistic Snippets


Over the course of the holidays in December, I found myself in front of the drawing table with a little free time on my hands. How, you may well ask, do I like to relax and spend my free time? Why drawing of course!

See the entire post on my blog; Studio Bowes Art: Somnabulistic Snippets

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