22 July 2009

Art Auction!

Hey everybody,

I am so excited to announce that Shinteki is holding an art auction of the posters that I did for a recent game puzzle of theirs. Evidently there was a positive response at the games, and Shinteki have generously decided to hold an auction for the game pieces! The auction goes through to the 27th of July.

I am really happy and really touched that they'd put in this extra effort. We already knew they were great people, this just goes to further the point! So check it out, make a bid, and you might be the lucky one!

You can also see the original post about these works here and here.

07 July 2009

Sketchbook Moonwalk

I wanted to just post up a page from my sketchbook. Recently I've been coming back to drawing and painting just for the fun of it. I am still working on the Wizard of Oz piece which has a more serious side to it. For reasons of my own sanity I've come back to drawing for enjoyment, and this page is simply that.

01 July 2009

A quick fling

One can never tell where things are going to go next! A friend of mine has a mother whose something of an entrepreneur. We were introduced to each other last year and she hired me to do some simple story boards for a PSA for her company No Kiddin' Condoms.

This year, she was on her way to an event where women inventors compete. As it turns out the designer she thought was going to prepare her 'pitch poster,' basically flaked out on her, and in a panic she called me up. My solution was quick and dirty, I figure it took me about 7 hours from beginning to end.

I don't suppose this will turn the world of illustration and design on its ear, but I am happy to have been able to pull it off, get paid, and have it look not half bad.

*PS* January 2010: additional post "Rush Job" for this same client.