20 March 2014


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I just love this Vizier’s expression!

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hermann vogel

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I would like to introduce you to a german childrenbook illustrator that is not too well known today, HERMANN VOGEL, 1854 – 1921. he grew up in saxony and studied at the art academy in dresden. VOGEL’s illustrations are in the tradition of german ROMANTICISM, and their best known artists – LUDWIG RICHTER, MORITZ VON […]

04 March 2014

18th century paintings meet Google Street View

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A reditt and imgur user who lives in London and goes by the handle “shystone” has posted two series of photomontages in which 18th century pantings are superimposed over Google Street View images of the same scene, creating in each a sort of artistic portal into the past. One set is of London, with paintings […]

03 March 2014

Quick Work; Positive Results

Moving quickly to meet a new client's needs, I discover a new illustration style.

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