29 June 2015

Really BIG Art!

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Illustrations and Comic art : Giraffe and Elephant

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New Watercolour - Sprite in the Open

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Reduce the Boring Factor: Add Variety to Your Marketing Message

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No more repetitive emails, please.

Your art exhibition, class, workshop, or event has so many facets that there is no reason to send the same emails and social media posts for your promotions. They get a little stale after awhile.

Years ago, Marcia Yudkin wrote a guest post for me on this topic. It was an article she originally wrote for her readers that got me interested.

I still think about that article and keep that list as a reference. It’s time to revisit its premise for you, my artist readers.

Here are plenty of ways to promote your exhibition, event, or teaching.

Many of these suggestions lend themselves to emails. Others could easily be used on social media. Use your noggin to decide.

Exhibition or Event Enticements

Rotate images of your art with short 2- or 3-sentence stories for each.

Do this for two reasons: 1) people are more likely to get excited about a show when they know what they’ll see and

Painting "Brownies" Comic Characters

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Alice in Wonderland

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