23 February 2016

Finished these guys!Star Trek Cat Captains for the Cat Art Show...

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Finished these guys!

Star Trek Cat Captains for the Cat Art Show in LA this March. They will be for sale, partial proceeds going to Kitten Rescue. :3

These were all done in gouache.


comparison 8

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rough small sketches in black/white like the following were done to define the value range, the light and shadow, as well as the staging of the animation in the scene. this is from the disney animated feature BAMBI in 1940. later that step was part of the WORKBOOK, the translation of the storyboard into ‘film-language’, […]

Color Charts Through History

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20 February 2016

Ain’t no party like studio party! #thesis #watercolor...

Ain’t no party like studio party! #thesis #watercolor #studio (at 17th Avenue Studios)

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